Our NebulaDisk Thoughts

Motivation and origin of the platform

We start from the premise that software-defined storage systems can usually only be managed by companies that have dedicated personnel and economic resources reserved for this purpose.


NebulaDisk aims to enable and make affordable the flexible use of storage systems for individuals and SMEs by offering a centralized management system capable of providing storage space "on site", right where the user is or where he needs it.

It's worth noting that providing cloud storage "on premise" enables the building and integration of services that are only available in the cloud and with your own processes, leading to a new paradigm of unique services that we'll introduce.

Technical aspects

From a technical point of view, we bring Amazon's EBS (and in the future also that of other providers) to your PC, your local server or your hardware device without a network connection.

Solutions based on the use case we offer

To enable the direct provision of cloud storage "on premises", we have implemented several solutions:

  • Hardware Solution

    It is a WiFi-enabled USB drive that can provide storage space to any device that accepts a USB drive. Therefore, this solution turns any device that accepts a USB drive into a Cloud device, which we believe can be useful for laboratory and industrial devices.

  • Software Solution

    By simply installing a program and its requirements, cloud storage can be made available on PCs, servers, and Raspberry Pi like platforms. Currently available for Linux x64 and arm64 architectures. The version for Windows will be available in January 2024.

How will this be managed?

The above solutions, along with the https://platform.nitrobutton.com management platform (which includes more than just NebulaDisk), are provided under a pay-per-second usage model, unless there is a need for changes in usage quotas or something personalized (we're open to adding features for which there may be demand).

What's new at NebulaDisk?

1) At the moment, the most interesting aspect is that it's possible to enable the ransomware-resistant feature on data volumes, which allows you to restore the state of a volume (disk) to any date with millisecond accuracy.

2) Since the storage isn't physically "on site"," you can, among other things, change the content immediately or lock it remotely at any time.

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