NebulaDisk Hardware


The NebulaDisk hardware is a USB device the size of a pen drive that you can plug into another device to instantly turn it into a smart/cloud-enabled device.

(*) Image is for illustrative purposes, actual enclosures may be redesigned, and the final result may differ.

Benefits of NebulaDisk Hardware

Benefit Example
Cloud Enabler Stores your data in the cloud instead of on the device itself and offers virtually unlimited storage space.
Outstanding Accessibility Access your stored files anytime, anywhere, on any device with available USB ports.
Instant Content Swap Attach and detach disk images to the NebulaDisk at any time and have all content instantly available.
Cross-Platform Compatibility Works seamlessly with Embedded Systems, Windows, macOS, Linux, and many other operating systems.
No matter the content Create a bootable, read-only ISO image or a blank, writable disk that you can conveniently partition and format - there are no limits.
High Security Your data is encrypted during transmission, while security protocols and best practices protect your data from unauthorized access.
Lock & unlock at any time You can lock and unlock the contents of the device at any time, even when the NebulaDisk is not powered, similar to a credit card that is blocked if lost or stolen.
Easy Data Recovery A lost or damaged USB flash drive is nothing to worry about as your data is safe in the cloud. Simply connect the existing data to a new NebulaDisk.
Real-Time Sync All changes made to the files are updated and synchronized immediately.

Fully customizable

We offer a high degree of customization, as you can see in the next table.

Case Design We do 3D printing for the cases, send us your case design and we will do the rest.
Case Color Multiple colors available.
Embossed images/text The top of the case can be customized, we can emboss your company logo, text and/or serial numbers on request.
NebulaDisk Enterprise / On-premise We can lock the device so that it can only be used under certain conditions.
Firmware Add-ons Among other things, we can enable the connection of multiple data carriers to a single device via the same USB port.
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